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“"I don’t care." If only I could say that and not feel so.. sick and scared…”

- Robert Smith (from “The Top (1984))
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Staring at the sea.
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The Cure in 1989 | Disintegration Era
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At 10 PM (9PM english time): Rock In Love, tonight about Robert and Mary! 

*runs away fangirling*


Robert Smith has a perfect smile, I’m dying…


Simon you handsome thing
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“"It’s fun watching people disintegrate" Simon Gallup manages one of his insane smiles and takes another chew at the pink Lego brick of gum sliding around his mouth. He attempts a bubble, fails dismally, and tries to get some more sleep on Robert’s responsible shoulder.”

-  November 8, 1980 - “Playing For Today” Sounds  (UK)
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Robert Smith of The Cure photographed during the making of Lovesong's video in 1989 | Disintegration Era
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Show of hands: live at Germany’s Loreley festival, May 1989
Taken from ” The Ultimate Music Guide” The Cure Special collector’s edition Magazine from the makers of Uncut.
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